Sleep medicine and Physiological Measurements

What are sleep disorders?

  • The main complaints are heavy snoring and stopping breathing for short  periods. This is caused by collapse of the upper airways
  • Feeling very tired and sleepy in daytime with low work productivity
  • Falling asleep when driving which can cause car accidents
  • Sleep walking, and even eating and driving during sleep
  • Abnormal leg movements during sleep
  • Bad dreams and nightmares
  • Usually associated with obesity, uncontrollable blood pressure anddiabetes
  • Social problems caused by loud snoring and other issues
  • Sexual dysfunction which can be treated by treating Sleep Disorder


Diagnosis and treatment:

Diagnosis will require studying several parameter assessments during sleep utilizing the Polysomnography (sleep study device).

In the Canadian Health Centre this is done at home using a small device that can be connected by the patient or by a family member. The following morning the unit is returned and the data is downloaded. This is discussed with the patient and treatment is prescribed. This could be a simple procedure such as changing the sleeping position. Another treatment is the use of a continuous positive airway pressure unit (CPAP). This is a small mask with a pump which measures the patient's breathing pressure and adjusts itself automatically to the optimal pressure. Patients usually feel the difference after a few days’ use.Other treatments especially in children and adults with tongue or jaw malformation may surgical intervention by an ENT surgeon and/or a dentist.