Dr. W J Johnston FRCP Edin

Senior Consultant / Cardiology, Internal Medicine


Recruited in 1990 as a Senior Consultant in Cardiology, the first Cardiologist in the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital. In addition to Cardiology he has also provided a service in Internal Medicine, covering such disorders as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, kidney disease, chest disease, infectious disease and others.

While taking care of patients in the Emergency unit, the acute Medical Wards and the Outpatient Department the teaching of students and postgraduates has always been closely integrated, ensuring that their training was thorough, effective, patient-centred, up to date and internationally recognized.

In the 26 years of his service in SQUH he had the privilege of working together with all the other medical and surgical specialties in close collaboration to ensure the best care for the patient. He also participated in the teaching of medical students as well as post graduates using an integrated teaching approach.