Our story

The Canadian Health Centre 
Our Story of Establishment 

The Centre was set up in 2017 as a joint venture between Dr. Mohammed Hassan and Dr. William Johnston. They had worked together ever since the 1980s when Dr. Hassan, Professor at the time, ran the Department of Clinical Physiology in the King Abdulaziz University Hospital in Jeddah and Dr. Johnston was Senior Consultant in Cardiology and Internal Medicine and Head of the Department of Medicine in the National Guard Hospital.

When Dr. Johnston arrived at the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital in Oman as the first cardiologist there, in 1990, he was pleased to find Dr. Hassan in the Department of Clinical Physiology.

In addition to his duties of patient care in the wards and Emergency Department, Dr. Johnston was involved in Clinical Physiology where his main interests were in echocardiography, electrocardiography (ECG), stress testing and the monitoring of heart rhythm. Dr. Hassan had a wide range of interests and duties including Sleep Studies, blood pressure monitoring and the autonomic nervous system, which includes the control of blood flow, heart rate and blood pressure. 

There is considerable overlap and interaction between these medical fields and areas of interest which led to frequent cross-consultations and combined studies in the analysis and management of patients' often complex problems.

Expertise in disorders of the heart and circulation, in the wide range of conditions covered in Internal Medicine and in the investigative and diagnostic capabilities of Clinical Physiology provide the ideal partnership for the assessment and management of patients in the 21st century.

We have now been joined by Ms. Sara Hassan who extends our services to include Counseling Psychology and Wellbeing. This is of value both to many of our medical patients and to clients without medical problems but who seek support in coping with the problems and stresses of modern-day life.

The bridging of these areas of expertise is a particularly effective combination for patients’ overall wellbeing and health and the health promotion of the population in general.